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kyoyokyoiku_1_19.pdf276.77 kBAdobe PDF
タイトル: An Alternative Framework for Teaching Local Studies:Local Literature as Literature of Place
その他のタイトル: ローカル科目を教えるための新しき枠組み -「場性のある文学」としての郷土文学-
著者: SOLOMON, Joshua
著者所属: 弘前大学 教育推進機構 教養教育開発実践センター
発行日: 31-Mar-2017
出版者: 弘前大学 教育推進機構 教養教育開発実践センター
誌名: 弘前大学教養教育開発実践ジャーナル
巻: 1
開始ページ: 19
終了ページ: 29
ISSN: 2432-7417
キーワード: Locality
modern literature
抄録: This paper considers the recent introduction of a general education [kyoyo kyoiku] program at Hirosaki University, and offers a critical reading of the meanings posited by the structural division between “local” and “global” courses. After addressing some of the pedagogical implications for these general education courses, it introduces an alternative perspective for reading locality: by looking at local literature in terms of production (publishing networks), community (discourses of climate), and practice (institutionalization and canonization), it offers a the possibility for discussing “the local” without directly reaffirming the cultural capital of the center. After offering a variety of counter-discourses and meta-analyses, the paper concludes by proposing some ways in which this approach may be applied in the classroom to cultivate critical thinking skills and global awareness in compliance with university policy and the Japanese government’s new educational directives
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/10129/6108
テキストバージョン: publisher

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