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タイトル: Relationship Between Life Satisfaction and The Attitude Toward Occupational Therapy Groups in Inpatients with Schizophrenia
著者: Osanai, Takao
著者所属: Department of Comprehensive Rehabilitation Science,Graduate School of Health Sciences, Hirosaki University
発行日: 29-Jul-2016
誌名: 弘前医学
巻: 67
号: 1
開始ページ: 52
終了ページ: 60
ISSN: 0439-1721
キーワード: Quality of life
Life satisfaction of schizophrenia
Attitude toward discharge
Attitude toward occupational therapy
抄録: This report describes the attitude toward occupational therapy and life satisfaction in patients with schizophrenia. Seventy-three inpatients with schizophrenia were asked questions about their life satisfaction, their attitude toward occupational therapy, and their desire to be discharged. The scores for life satisfaction were high, particularly regarding satisfaction about their environment. In contrast, the satisfaction scores for interpersonal relationships were relatively low. In answer to the questions regarding their attitude toward occupational therapy, 62 patients felt that occupational therapy was effective. This suggests that the study subjects regarded occupational therapy as a form of treatment for their disease. The number of patients who participated in occupational therapy with an active attitude was 35, with an inactive attitude was 30, and with a rejective attitude was 8. There was a significant relationship between the attitude toward occupational therapy and the desire to be discharged.  These findings indicate that many inpatients with schizophrenia regard occupational therapy as a form of treatment. Their desire to be discharged affected their attitude toward participation in occupational therapy.Therefore, it is possible to improve life satisfaction through occupational therapy in such patients.
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/10129/5920
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